What is your accreditation status with ASHP? 
Western Reserve’s pharmacy residency is fully accredited by ASHP. Our next accreditation visit will be in 2027. 

What are you looking for in a residency candidate?
We are looking for a candidate that is self-motivated, engaged, and enthusiastic about learning. As a teaching hospital, we are looking for someone interested in working alongside medical and surgical residents as well as students from many disciplines to take care of patients. Finally, we are looking for a candidate that shares the hospital’s commitment to providing 100% patient centered care. 

What teaching opportunities do the residents have? 
Our residents are required to complete a teaching certificate program during their residency. This includes online coursework and in person lectures and educational sessions. Pharmacy residents lead didactic lectures to the medical and surgical residents as well as educating ancillary staff as needed. We also utilize a layer learning model with the residents and any APPE or IPPE students we have on site.  The residents assist in precepting duties and preparation for students to come on site. 

When do you have to be licensed by? 
Our residents must be fully licensed in Ohio by October 1st. The earlier the residents are licensed allows for a more robust training program during orientation. 

What does your staffing model look like? 
Our residents work every other weekend on first shift. To make up for the number of days worked in a row, we provide a compensation day once a month on the Friday before the residents weekend shift. This compensation day is separate from and does not come out of your paid time off bank.  

Are residents required to work holidays and off shifts? 
Our residents are not required to work the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Residents also do not have to work overnight shifts or be on call. 

What types of Visas are accepted? 
Western Reserve Hospital only accepts J1 Visas. 

What are the interactions between the physicians and medical residents with pharmacy? 
The pharmacy team, including residents, works very closely with the medical staff. We participate on multidisciplinary committees, rounding teams, and through didactic education. We prefer to communicate face to face when possible, but if not we utilize secure texting to make recommendations and coordinate care. 

Where do your residents typically go after graduation? 
We help our residents find jobs in areas where they show interest. All our residents have graduated with a job in an area of their choosing. Please see the “Past Residents” page to learn more about our graduates.