If something happened to you today, do your loved ones know your healthcare wishes?  Do you have a plan?

If you are unable to make healthcare decisions for yourself, Advance Directives serve as legal documents that provide instructions about your healthcare preferences. 

What is an Advance Directive?

There are multiple types!

Healthcare Durable
Power of Attorney

Person you choose to speak on your behalf and make healthcare decisions when you are not able. For example, if you are in a coma, under anesthesia, or sedated.

Living Will

Written instructions detailing your end-of-life preferences regarding healthcare. A Living Will is only activated if you are terminally ill, unable to make decisions, or if you are unconscious.

Code Status

A designation that communicates the type of emergent healthcare you would, or would not, like to receive if your heart or breathing stops. There are multiple choices for your Code Status. Click here to learn more.

Ready to take the next step to complete your Advance Directives?

Western Reserve Hospital offers a FREE Advance Directives Consult Service in partnership with the Hospice of the Western Reserve.  
Our Advance Directives experts can help with:

  • Learning about your healthcare choices
  • Choosing your Healthcare Durable Power of Attorney
  • Completing the packet
  • Signing and notarizing the completed packet
  • Submitting to Western Reserve Hospital and other medical providers or facilities

Click here to request an appointment OR call (330) 971-7160. 

Advance Directives Packet

The steps required to complete your Advance Directives are detailed below.   We provided two sets of instructions to make sure you are prepared whether you use our FREE consult service, or choose to complete the process on your own.

View Packet

Free Consult Service Checklist

  • Download the Advance Directives packet
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Prepare for the appointment by reading through the packet
  • Complete the Selecting your HCPOA worksheet
  • Come to your appointment
  • Let our Advance Directives Experts do the rest!

Self-Service Checklist

  • Download the Advance Directives packet
  • Complete the Selecting your HCPOA Worksheet
  • Complete the packet
  • Find two unrelated witnesses to watch you sign the document OR Have the document notarized
  • Submit your completed Advance Directives to Western Reserve Hospital & Patient Access department
    Fax: (330)971-7072
    In Person: Entrance 5, Financial Coordinator booth Hours: Mon-Fri 8a-5p
  • Make copies of the completed documents
  • Send copies to all additional providers