We will accept applications beginning on January 1, 2024.

The application process may change for 2024-2025. Be sure check back and follow the directions closer to the end of the year. 

NOTE: Applications will be processed in batches and not first come, first served. 

MS4 Residency Audition and Elective Rotations

Western Reserve Hospital is proud to offer audition rotations in the following specialties for 4th year medical students:

Preferred Length 
Specialty Specific Requirements/Notes 
Family Medicine 4 Weeks   
Internal Medicine  2 or 4 Weeks  Please provide a personal statement.
General Surgery  4 Weeks Please be sure to note any connections you have to our area in your application. 
Orthopedic Surgery  4 Weeks  Applicants must also provide a personal statement, letter of recommendation, and a summary of research experience. A text box will be included on the application form and a file upload for the LOR and personal statement. 
Otolaryngology (ENT) 2 Weeks   


Applications for 2024-2025 rotations will be accepted beginning January 1, 2024. Please Note: The Application Process has changed for 2024 and those changes are detailed below. 

Audition rotations are available annually July through December or January for most specialties. Rotations outside these months will not be considered audition rotations. 

Students can provide multiple available dates/blocks on the application to maximize the chance of being approved for the desired rotation.


A $25 NON-REFUNDABLE processing fee is required for all MS4 audition and elective rotation applications. The fee is to be paid per specialty requested and students are permitted to request a maximum of 2 specialty rotations (maximum $50 fee).  Students must attach a copy of the receipt/proof of payment when submitting their application materials.

  1. When you reach the home page, click "Click here for more information" under Medical Student Rotation Applications.
  2. Select a “Variation” which will indicate the specialty rotation being requested (ie. Family Medicine or General Surgery). You may include 2 specialties on the same transaction.
  3. When complete, proceed to checkout. 
  4. Once your checkout is finalized, you will have an option to print receipt. Be sure to save a copy of your receipt to submit with your application. You should also receive an email receipt with confirmation of your order. Please note that applications will NOT be processed unless accompanied by the receipt/proof of payment. 

Please note: An additional refundable deposit is required for fourth year electives in General Surgery and Orthopaedic Surgery. More details will be sent to students when their confirmation email is sent.

Pay Fee Now

Application Process 

MS4 students can apply for a maximum of two (2) rotations in two different specialties for a maximum of eight (8) weeks spent at Western Reserve Hospital. 

Applications for rotations must be submitted electronically using the online Application Form.  Applications are processed in batches and no longer first come, first served. Please denote on the application if the rotation is being used to evaluate WRH for a residency position (also known as an Audition Rotation) as some programs will formally interview a candidate during the final week of the rotation.

Upon receipt of the application materials, all students will receive an email to confirm receipt of the application. 

Please follow the link to complete the Application Form.  

If you have any questions, please contact a Residency Coordinator by emailing [email protected]. Please include the specialty you are requesting in the subject line of the email. 

Additional Materials Needed

All audition rotation medical students must have passed Comlex Level 1/USMLE Step 1. Please include Comlex/USMLE score report and CV with your application. 

Application Materials Checklist

  • Application Form (electronic form)
    • As part of the application, you will want to upload your supporting documentation: 
      • Score Report (Comlex Level 1/USMLE Step 1)
      • CV (preferably in PDF Format)
      • Receipt/Proof of Payment of Application Fee (Preferably PDF or JPEG format)
        • Please Note: If any of these documents are not available when applying, please email them to [email protected]. Your application will not be processed until it is complete and all items have been received.
      • ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY APPLICANTS ONLY: Must also provide a personal statement, letter of recommendation, and a summary of research experience. A text box will be included on the application form and a file upload for the LOR and personal statement. 


Once the application is fully processed, the student will receive an additional email which will indicate if the rotation request is approved, denied, or waitlisted. If approved, the student will receive an e-mail to confirm the rotation dates and to convey specific information in regards to starting times, preceptor contact information, directions and orientation details. All medical student rotators are required to attend the Visiting Medical Student Orientation which occurs on the first Monday morning of the rotation (except for specific holidays).

International Students and IMGs:

International medical students are eligible for MS4 rotations if they are a former WRH employee or have an immediate family member who is a current WRH employee.

Western Reserve Hospital is unable to provide any shadowing or observership programs for International Medical Graduates (IMG).

Switching Rotations:

Students who wish to switch rotation dates after a rotation has been confirmed may request the change by contacting [email protected]. Requests for change will only be approved as available.


Should a student need to cancel a rotation, please notify [email protected] as soon as possible and preferably at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the scheduled rotation.

General Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery rotation cancellations must be received in writing at least sixty (60) days prior to the start of the rotation. Otherwise, the student forfeits their $100 deposit.

Visiting Resident Rotation Application 

Please complete the Visiting Resident Rotation Application and email the completed form to: [email protected]

We recommend using Internet Explorer to view and fill out the form online. 
If you have any questions, please call (330) 971-7225 and select the appropriate extension for the coordinators named here.