Do you have an appointment with one of our healthcare providers but unable to get to an office? Do you have a question about a recent health concern and want to speak with one of our providers without coming into the office? Western Reserve Hospital Physicians now provides fast, efficient televisit appointments with our care providers so you can be sure to get the care you need when you are at home, work or away and unable to come into one of our care locations. 

Your televisit appointment takes place via your computer, cell phone or other mobile device, in real time with one of our care providers to discuss your health concerns. A provider will assess your symptoms and concerns remotely and make any necessary care recommendations involving prescribing medications, scheduling follow-up appointments or directing you to seek care in an office for face-to-face care. 

The following specialists of Western Reserve Hospital Physicians are available for telehealth visits. 

Learn how to use our telehealth options here

Bariatric Surgery Dr. Walter Chlysta

Dr. Michael Bage

Dr. Joseph Restivo

Dr. Joseph Rinaldi
 Chiropractic Dr. Jeremiah Coffey
 Endocrinology Dr. Majinder Kaur

Dr. Mehr Khan

Dr. Jennifer Wojtowicz

Dr. John Park

Dr. Corey Sievers
 General Surgery

Dr. Walter Chlysta

Dr. Rick Gemma
 Head and Neck Dr. Gregory Beddell
 Hematology/Oncology Dr. Jennifer Payne

Dr. Toomas Anton


Dr. Steven Jackson

Dr. Amy Tucker
 Otolaryngology Dr. Seth Willen
 Pain Medicine

Dr. James T. Sable

Dr. Dmitri Souza
 Plastic Surgery Dr. Gregory Beddell
 Sports Medicine Dr. Julie Shott
 Urogynecology Dr. Costas Apostolis
 Vascular Surgery

Dr. Nicole Ramon

Dr. Jeffrey Stanley