Use our MD-Query electronic process to generate the training verification letter for a trainee who is currently training or has trained at Western Reserve Hospital since 1950. Example verification letter (PDF)

Steps To Obtain A Verification Letter

1. Follow the link to our training verification website:

           Web Address:

2. In the Required Contact Info section, fill out all required fields and check the agreement section. Click “Next”.

3. In the Search section, enter just one piece of the trainee’s information in the following options:

  • the trainee's first name

  • the trainee's last name

4. A verification letter will be generated.

If the trainees name does not appear in the MD-Query system. The physician is not a graduate from Western Reserve Hospital, LLC. Verifications for Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital and Green Cross Hospital are also provided through this site.

*We are not affiliated with any other institutions including Western Reserve Care System, Western Reserve Health Education, or Northside Hospital located in Youngstown, Ohio*

All Other Verification Requests

A $100 NON-REFUNDABLE processing fee is required for all other verification requests. The fee is to be paid prior and a copy of the receipt/proof of payment must be attached when submitting the verification request.

Please click here to pay the fee through our online storefront.


  1. When you reach the home page, click "Click here for more information" under “Residency Training Verification”.

  2. Select an option which will indicate the type of verification being requested (ie. FCVS, State Medical Board, Credentialing Office).

  3. When complete, proceed to checkout. 

  4. Once your checkout is finalized, you will have an option to print receipt. Be sure to save a copy of your receipt to submit with your application. You should also receive an email receipt with confirmation of your order. Please note that applications will NOT be processed unless accompanied by the receipt/proof of payment. 

Please submit the following documents alongside your verification request:

  1. Authorization for Release of Information signed by the trainee

  2. Verification form

  3. Copy of the payment receipt

Please submit the forms to:

Program Contact

Orthopedic Surgery 


Mary Gutbrod
[email protected]

General Surgery Rachel Yaceczko
[email protected]

Family Medicine

Otolaryngology/ FPS


Heather Kennedy 
[email protected]
Internal Medicine  Lori Smith

Sunsetted Programs -




Emergency Medicine 

Obstetrics and Gynecology


Rachel Yaceczko
[email protected]

Alternatively, completed forms may be faxed to (330) 971-7227 or submitted via US mail to the following address:

Western Reserve Hospital
ATTN: Graduate Medical Education
1900 23rd Street
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223

Please allow 15 business days from the time we receive payment for completion of requests. Additional time may be required for dates prior to 1990.

Refunds will be given based on review and decision by the Western Reserve Hospital Medical Education Office.


For further verification information, contact Graduate Medical Education at (330) 971-7225.

For MD-Query questions, contact Rachel Yaceczko, Residency Program Coordinator in Graduate Medical Education, at [email protected]  or (330) 971-7782.


For verification of professional liability insurance, please contact Deborah Caldwell, Risk Management Specialist at [email protected]  or (330) 971-7067.