Our goal at Western Reserve Hospital is to produce competent physicians in both inpatient and outpatient settings.  All of our interns have the same set core of rotations.  After their first year, they are able to adjust their rotations based upon what they feel is most appropriate for what they are leaning towards doing when they are done and practicing as an attending.  We can start to gear their second and third year more towards inpatient rotations if they feel they want to be a hospitalist.  We can adjust to more outpatient rotations if they want to become a community-based outpatient physician. 

While research is not a primary focus of Western Reserve Hospital, opportunities are available, and all residents are required to do a type of research such as a case presentation or quality improvement project.

All IM rotations are able to be done at either Western Reserve Hospital or at physician outpatient offices all within 5-30 minutes of the hospital.  There are no required off site rotations.  If a resident has a special interest and wants to do an off site rotation in their second or third year, we can arrange it.  All residents are required to do a ½ day per week at an outpatient office with one of the teaching faculty.  This ½ day is continued throughout their 3 years of residency with the exceptions of ER months and their intern night float month.  As a result of the night float month, interns do not take weekday call at night.

Procedures are learned on the floors and especially during the ICU months and night call in the ICU as a senior.  All of our residents should be competent in intubations and central lines upon completing our residency.  Senior call is done in the ICU and averages 1 in 7 nights with the next day off. 

IM PGY- 1 Rotation Schedule

IM PGY- 2 Rotation Schedule

IM PGY- 3 Rotation Schedule