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The Western Reserve Hospital Internal Medicine Residency training program consists of three years of general Internal Medicine.

The educational content includes evaluating and treating the whole patient in inpatient and ambulatory settings as well as providing the resident with opportunities to develop basic cognitive skills and knowledge as pertaining to normal physiology and pathophysiology of body systems and the correlating clinical applications of medical diagnosis and management. Residents will gain sufficient experience and training in the required procedures and development of respective interpretation skills as stated in the ACGME Program Requirements. Verification by the program director of experience and competency in required procedures occurs through the use of simulation modules, computer testing, and direct observation.

Affective content is included throughout training with regard to psychosocial and behavioral aspects of patient care. These include the interaction between the patient and physician, the patient and his/her environment, and the patient and related health problems. The WRH IM program encourages the resident to understand the contingencies of health and illness and the development of a mature concern regarding human interrelations and concern for quality patient care. The resident is required to develop community and intra-professional relationships.

Elective training may be included during training and can be offered as an inpatient or ambulatory experience in general medicine, medical subspecialty, or certain non-medical specialties. All elective training must be approved by the program director.

The program provides suitable arrangements as needed for outside rotations to ensure the complete education of the resident and for broadening the scope of training. At least 24 months of training will include meaningful patient responsibility and no more than six months of training will be assigned in non internal medicine services.