Patient Experience Week 2017

Influencing the Patient Experience

At Western Reserve Hospital, every member of the staff plays an important role in creating an exceptional patient experience.

Physician Leaders

To kick off the week, today’s video features three of our physician leaders, Dr. Sonny Bare, Dr. Gregory Hill, and Dr. Charles Fuenning who explain why they are proud to be a caregiver at Western Reserve Hospital.


Get to know some of the familiar friendly faces of the volunteers at Western Reserve Hospital. Hear some of their intimate stories as they express their feelings on why they give back to patients, staff, and the community.


Executive Team

Our executive team leads us to the great culture we know today. When asked about their thoughts on the patient experience and the staff that make Western Reserve Hospital successful their answers were motivating and influential. 


The Staff of Western Reserve Hospital

Let’s take a moment today and learn about the many ways our staff at Western Reserve Hospital influence the patient experience. 


Patient Testimonials 

Listen to the stories of five patients who were deeply impacted by the great service they received from Western Reserve Hospital and its amazing staff.