Western Reserve Hospital’s Jessica Schemrich is 2023 President-Elect for Local Leadership Group


Jessica Schemrich, CPTD, Manager of Education and Development, Western Reserve Hospital, will become the 2023 President-Elect for the Cuyahoga Valley Chapter of the Association for Talent Development (CVATD) in January and serve as President of the group in 2024.

Next year she will also serve as the interim Treasurer until another member of CVATD steps into the role. Jessica specializes in e-learning design, leadership development, peer coaching programs, community partnerships and compliance education.

CVATD connects local professionals of similar expertise to help develop leadership and other skills through learning activities and volunteer opportunities. Established in Alexandria, Virginia, the group has over 75 members with a variety of backgrounds who collaborate on relationship building, business opportunities, best practices and more. Learn more at cvatd.wildapricot.org/.