Stow Mayor Dedicates Time to Revive Restaurants and Bars in City


In a one-of-a-kind effort to rebuild Stow’s dining economy, Mayor John Pribonic of Stow will visit each restaurant and bar in his city to encourage their participation in a new project poised to increase dine-in business.

“Delivery and take-out business has been a safe and effective way to bridge the gap for our dining establishments as we battled COVID-19,” said Stow Mayor John Pribonic. “But we now have the ability to again enjoy the dine-in experience safely, and our town’s restaurants and bars need people to feel comfortable returning to this practice. The partnership with Western Reserve Hospital is designed to help us make that happen.”

With the help of Western Reserve Hospital and the City of Stow, restaurants and bars in the City have the opportunity to review safety guidelines and establish the safest dining experience for employees and consumers.

Together, Western Reserve Hospital and the City of Stow have created the Safe Dine-In Pledge, offering guidelines in accordance with the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and Ohio Department of Health on risk awareness, hygiene, face masks, staff screening, seating and more.

“Western Reserve Hospital is pleased to partner with our friends in Stow to promote and provide safe dining guidelines for safer experiences at the local businesses residents know and love,” said Dr. Robert Kent, President and CEO, Western Reserve Hospital. “We are thankful to have strong community relationships so we can continue to come together and offer support during these tough times."

Local restaurants and bars are able to request to review the Safe Dine-In Pledge. Once all guidelines and protocols have been implemented within the business, they will receive a window cling to inform consumers of their participation and adherence to safety precautions, allowing them to feel confident about safety precautions taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Mayor Pribonic will also share “Safe Dine-In Tips” for business owners to empower guests to do their part in keeping the dining experience safe for all. Additionally, the Mayor reminds Stow residents that restaurants have continued to support local charities and causes, and the time is now to rally and support them through the winter while COVID-19 restrictions remain. Consumers are asked to consider their comfort level and choose the best way they will dine via dine-in, carry out or delivery.

Stow has over 75 unique restaurants and bars that are encouraged to participate in the Safe Dining program. Each participating restaurant will create a video highlighting their specific safety precautions and giving guests the “inside view” to encourage confidence in the dine-in experience. The videos will be highlighted on the both the hospital and City’s social media platforms and website.

The program is free for all restaurants and bars in Stow. To participate, contact Kathy Romito at