Dr. Samer Narouze Contributes to New Guidelines on Marijuana Use Disclosure Prior to Surgery


Dr. Samer Narouze, Chairman, Center of Pain Medicine, and the American Society of Anesthesiologists Committee, has been highlighted by several media outlets recently for his work to bring awareness to cannabis interactions in relation to patients who are to undergo surgical procedures. 
Dr. Narouze is joining other physicians, anesthesiologists and medical researchers who are calling attention to potential risk factors among patients if they are not screened for cannabis prior to their surgery. 
“People who use cannabis may need more anesthesia to be put under for surgery and could experience more pain, not less, after surgery because of the way anesthesia and cannabis intermingle,” says Narouze.
Dr. Narouze recommends avoiding cannabis use for at least two weeks prior to having elective surgery. Cannabis use can also hinder blood flow to the heart and if anesthesiologists and physicians don’t screen for it or aren’t aware that it is in a patient’s system, it could create complications during or after a surgical procedure
Dr. Narouze’s work to call attention to this medical concern is bringing more awareness on a national and global stage as more and more coverage is being shared with hopes that new cannabis screening guidelines will be developed. 

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