Residency Training VErification

Use our MD-Query electronic process to access training verification for a trainee who is currently training or has trained at Western Reserve Hospital. 

Steps to obtain a verification letter

1. Follow the link to our training verification website:

           Web Address:

2. In the Required Contact Info section, fill out all required fields.

3. Use the following login information to access your specific trainee.

            User Login:         wrhgme

            Password:           query

4. In the Search section, enter one (1) of the following options:

  • the trainee's first name
  • the trainee's last name
  • or the trainee's SSN (Last 4 digits).

5. A verification letter will be generated.


For further verification information, contact Graduate Medical Education at (330) 971-7225 or Fax (330) 971-7227.

For MD-Query questions, contact Hannah Rowe, Resident Program & Data Specialist in Graduate Medical Education, at or (330) 971-7782.