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At Western Reserve Hospital we are 100% patient centered. That means the care we deliver is only as good as the people who deliver it. Thus, we are dedicated to recruiting and retaining the best and brightest health care professionals, allied health professionals and support staff needed to maintain the highest level of patient care in a culture with an unmatched commitment to improving the patient experience.

Western Reserve Hospital offers career opportunities that are competitive with even major metropolitan hospitals. As we continue our mission of being "all about the patient" and work toward changing the future of healthcare delivery, we look for dynamic individuals with vision to help us move our hospital and our community forward.

Nicotine-Free Hiring Policy

Volunteers and Experiential Learning


Nicotine-free hiring policy

Because it is important for healthcare providers to promote a healthy environment and lifestyle, Western Reserve Hospital has a nicotine-free hiring policy. Newly hired employees are tested for nicotine as part of a pre-employment panel of medical tests. Western Reserve Hospital will not hire applicants who test positive for nicotine use.

Volunteers & Experiential Learning at Western Reserve Hospital

At Western Reserve Hospital, volunteers are valuable members of the team who assist staff in providing the highest quality care for our patients, families and visitors. Volunteers work in most departments doing such tasks as customer service, transport, clerical and more. Volunteers report that volunteering at Western Reserve Hospital is very rewarding and that everyone is very appreciative of the time being given to the hospital.

Those interested in volunteering can apply online below or call the volunteer department to request an application. Individuals are asked to provide two references, undergo a criminal background check and be interviewed. Once accepted into the program, volunteers are required to attend orientation and get a hospital-funded test for Tuberculosis. Volunteers must attend two mandatory trainings a year and may be asked to receive additional training depending on their assigned department.

Most volunteers work one to four shifts a week. Volunteers receive a uniform jacket upon hire. A complimentary meal from the cafeteria is given to those who volunteer for at least four hours in a shift.

Those interested in volunteering can click the link below to submit an online volunteer application:

Volunteer Application Form

or contact the volunteer manager below 
Julia Drinkard, Volunteers/Human Resource Specialist 
Pone:  (330) 971-7091

Experiential Learning

Western Reserve Hospital offers a variety of learning opportunities for those wishing to experience working in a hospital environment. If you are interested in an experience for academic credit or for career exposure, please complete the required forms as listed below and return as instructed. Please note that the approval process may take up to 30 days.

A tuberculosis test is required for all learning experiences. Per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations, you must have either a 2-step TB skin test (PPD) or a quantiferon blood draw.   The 2-step test must have been completed within the last three months (or within the last 12 months with a 1-step test within the last three months).   A quantiferon test should be in the last 30 days. Return all forms to Once approved by the department, you will be notified and can then be scheduled for your experience.



To be recognized as having a caring and diverse environment exemplifying a satisfied and engaged workforce and community.


  • To eliminate all behavior motivated by prejudice or lack of understanding.
  • To take a leadership role in all levels of the organization to create and sustain an environment that actively embraces diversity.
  • To hold all individuals associated with Western Reserve Hospital accountable for actions and decisions impacting the achievement of the hospital's diversity vision.
  • To utilize the successes in diversity to assist Western Reserve Hospital in becoming the provider and employer of choice in the community we serve.

Western Reserve Hospital respects and values all individuals.


Diversity is generally thought to be cultural or racial, when in fact it is much more complex. Diversity involves many areas including age, economic background, marital status, sexual orientation, education, work, religion, politics, mental and physical abilities and more.


Embracing diversity is an important goal at WRH. Understanding and appreciating our similarities and differences allows us to maximize individual and corporate success. We are committed to recognizing and utilizing individual talents and skills to deliver compassionate, quality care to our most valuable customers - our patients - and to each other.