Ready to quit?

What to expect

The Western Reserve Hospital Lung Care Clinic provides individual and group consultation sessions to assist you with smoking cessation. Group sessions are generally one hour in duration and offered two days a week. We also provide flexible scheduling and customizable sessions and meeting times if needed. The patient’s smoking and/or nicotine addiction and coinciding ailments and/or handicaps are taken into account. An individualized smoking cessation plan will then be developed which incorporates a patient's smoking history, past quit attempts, medications and treatment progress. Our pharmacists may also be involved to possibly initiate prescription medications on behalf of the patient's enrolling physician.

What does it include?

The Lung Program provides a CTTS therapist specializing in lung and heart care who will act as a liaison for the patient and their primary/referring physician to ensure the highest continuity of care during the consultation and treatment process. Counseling and informative literature is given to each patient and other local services and aids are always offered. Patients will also receive a kit that includes discounts for smoking cessation aids or further cessation education and assistance.

Low dose Computerized Axial Tomography (CT or CAT) screenings are also available. CT scans of the chest are proven to be safe and effective for screening people at risk due to smoking-related illness or ailments. Advanced imaging through a CT scan can detect early lung cancers. Not all lung cancers will be detected with low dose CT screening and a negative scan today does not mean that a cancer will not develop in the future.

Where does it happen?

Western Reserve Hospital offers two convenient locations for Lung Health Program services.

Cuyahoga Falls

Western Reserve Hospital
1900 23rd Street, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

Hudson (Screenings Only)

Western Reserve Hospital Diagnostic Testing Center
5655 Hudson Drive, Hudson, OH 44236

To schedule a smoking cessation consultation at Western Reserve Hospital’s Lung Health Program, please call (330) 929-5864 (LUNG).


To schedule a smoking cessation consultation at Western Reserve Hospital’s Lung Health Program, please call (330) 929-5864 (LUNG) or email us at A therapist will promptly assist you in registering for a group or individualized consultation and screening to determine the severity of your lung/respiratory health as a result of smoking.

Upon arrival, please bring all other health information with you if possible such as medication and dosage information. Your primary physician or pharmacist should be able to supply any necessary paperwork. Please be ready to offer any further information about your health such as allergies, previous health conditions or procedures or other health concerns that may interfere with your smoking cessation treatment.