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Physician Spotlight: Christine Kelades, MSN, CNP


Cuyahoga Falls, OH, April 30, 2020 - Christine Kelades, MSN, CNP, is an important part of our Gastroenterology department. Here are some interesting facts about her.

I provide care for all types of patients in the office setting (Monday–Friday, morning and afternoons). This includes heartburn, abdominal pain, abnormal bowel changes, difficulty swallowing, liver and pancreatic disease.  

I have held several positions in the healthcare field going back to being a candy striper in high school. My dad worked at a local hospital, and I would spend my summer breaks going to work with him, volunteering my time. I worked as a nurse tech (like a nursing assistant) through college and worked for 5 years as an RN before becoming a nurse practitioner 8 years ago. I graduated with my nursing degree from Akron and my master’s from Kent.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy yoga, Zumba classes, going on walks in the local parks and taking my dogs to the dog park.

I have been a member of the Cuyahoga Falls community for over the last 10 years. I am honored to call this my home. I have been so excited to see the revitalization of the Portage Trail and Downtown Cuyahoga Falls areas. My sister is also working as a teacher at Cuyahoga Falls High School. I am so excited to be able to give back to this community.