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Healing HeART Exhibit at Western Reserve Hospital Now Featuring Artwork by Carolyn Thompson

Carolyn Thompson1 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, April 15, 2019 - Western Reserve Hospital’s Healing HeART Exhibit is now featuring Carolyn Thompson’s “Portraits and Places”. The exhibit consists of two bodies of work, including portraits of local and regional friends and acquaintances as well as local places with strong emotional resonance, especially to those in recovery.

Thompson’s interest in people has driven this ongoing portrait project. She hopes it captures some psychological tension that reminds viewers of someone they know or remember from their lives. Viewers might even see part of themselves in each portrait, feeling hope and human connectedness.

“I hope this body of artwork captures the strength of spirit of each sitter in an honest manner,” says Thompson.

Paint, brushwork and color express Thompson’s personal feelings toward each sitter. Painting from life experiences allows her to mirror the present moment – the day’s mood and the current social climate.

The exhibit also includes a series of limited-edition prints depicting historical residencies and places in our area. Thompson uses color and abstraction to heighten the ideal quality of buildings and to add positivity to stories behind our region’s role in the history of recovery.

Her work is held in multiple private collections and has been displayed extensively and locally at the Box Gallery, Summit Art Space, Myers School of Art and the Cuyahoga Valley Art Center.

Thompson’s artwork is currently hanging in Western Reserve Hospital’s Healing HeART exhibits near New Choice Pharmacy and the Infusion Center for visitors, patients and staff to enjoy.

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