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Cuyahoga Falls City Schools Recognizes Western Reserve Hospital for being Locally Loyal

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, August 20, 2018 – Western Reserve Hospital was recently recognized for being locally loyal by the Cuyahoga Falls City Schools with its Friend of Education Award.

The award, presented by Superintendent Dr. Todd Nichols during a Cuyahoga Falls City Schools Board of Education meeting, is a genuine acknowledgement of Western Reserve Hospital’s continuous commitment to advancing learning opportunities for students and educators.

Western Reserve Hospital was identified for its unique and ongoing relationship with its hometown school district, which involves generously providing encouragement and guidance to students interested in health and wellness, support of the school district and access to the time and talent of hospital leaders.

“Our significant efforts to enhance Cuyahoga Falls City Schools directly supports their vision and mission, and we, as an organization, are proud of what we do to improve the education of our future leaders,” said Dr. Robert Kent, President and CEO, Western Reserve Hospital. “Receiving the Friend of Education Award publicly exemplifies our dedication to being locally loyal.”

When the Health and Wellness Den was created 6 years ago, Western Reserve Hospital worked closely with the school district and its administration to define the needs of the newly formed, interest-based learning program. The work and support that was established early on allowed for the Health and Wellness Den to develop genuine learning opportunities for its students.

Health and Wellness Den students now visit the hospital four times a year for hands-on shadow experiences. In addition, Western Reserve Hospital sends medical specialists, including but not limited to nurses, doctors, physical therapists and medical technicians, to the school for a “keynote speaker series” to talk to students about healthcare professions. 

”Western Reserve Hospital has been the leading example of what it means to be a community partner to a school,” said Dr. Nichols.  “Over the last seven years, Western Reserve Hospital has supported Cuyahoga Falls City Schools on projects such as the Tiger News Network at Roberts Middle School, sponsorship of the Health and Wellness Den at Cuyahoga Falls High School, the Health and Wellness Halloween 5K and the Drug-Free Clubs of America Chapter at Cuyahoga Falls High School. Western Reserve Hospital and its staff have gone above and beyond the contributions of a community partner. Their professionalism, leadership and willingness to create a truly authentic experience for our students has and will continue to impact our graduates for years to come.” 

The work and dedication of Western Reserve Hospital remains every school year and continues to build on to itself by adding to events such as the Health and Wellness Halloween 5K and other student led experiences.