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A Decade of Distinction at Western Reserve Hospital

Western Reserve Hospital is 10 years old!

Throughout the month of June, we are celebrating our entire staff and the hard work they put forward to create the best possible experience for our patients and visitors each and every day. It is hidden gems like them that we treasure the most.

Western Reserve Hospital has accomplished so much in the past decade of distinction and we are excited to share the achievements of our organization as a whole. Learn about our major milestones below or view here.

WRH10Year Timeline

Hospital Week June 24-28, 2019

Each day throughout Hospital Week is dedicated to a different gem representing the dedication and success of our organization, which is only possible with the help of our employees and physicians.

Monday, June 24: Sapphires represent the wisdom and virtue of all our physicians and staff. Our mission is to deliver 100 percent patient-centered care, and we remember this entails sharing important information with patients to ensure their awareness of the best steps to maintain and improve their health
Cafeteria: The cuisine of the Middle East, where the bluest of all SAPPHIRES can be unearthed, will be featured in the cafeteria for purchase

Tuesday, June 25: Rubies are fiery and captivating stones of nobility, considered the most magnificent of all gems, the queen of stones and the stone  of kings. The ruby represents passion and protection. Our passion has lead us to achieving noble endeavors including the only “A” rating for patient safety in the tri-county area
Cafeteria: We are traveling to the Far East to find the rarest of RUBIES. Visit the cafeteria to find out more and purchase today

Wednesday, June 26: Emeralds signify the tranquility, healing, growth and reflection our patients experience as their journey to better health progresses with the help of our physicians and staff. We might also experience these as we successfully help one another conquer a certain task
Cafeteria: Ireland, also known as the EMERALD Isle, is the theme of the day with Irish specialties on the menu for purchase

Thursday, June 27: Pearls are symbols of wisdom acquired through experience. It’s the decade of experience that has contributed to our wisdom. Today, we celebrate our founders and the wisdom and passion that led to the creation of Western Reserve Hospital in June 2009
Cafeteria: Deep down in the Mediterranean are found the most beautiful of all PEARLS.  Enjoy cuisine of the Mediterranean for purchase

Friday, June 28: Diamonds are a rarity and characterize the strength of character all Western Reserve Hospital physicians and staff hold. Our entire team of physicians, medical and non-medical staff constantly work together, albeit directly, to create a successful, patient-oriented organization
Employees gather for the annual Employee Picnic to enjoy delicious food with coworkers while listening to live music in the courtyard

Thank you for choosing Western Reserve Hospital and we look forward to serving you again soon!