January 2018

ACGME Update

As of December 2016, 5 of Western Reserve Hospital's residency programs have become ACGME accredited.

Orthopedic Surgery - Initial accreditation as of April 2016

Family Medicine- Initial accreditation as of October 2017

Otolaryngology-  Initial accreditation as of January 2018

General Surgery- Continued pre-accreditation as of November 2016

Internal Medicine- Continued pre-accreditation as of September 2017

November 2017

Fourth Annual Western Reserve Hospital Research Day

The Fourth Annual Western Reserve Hospital Research Day was held this fall.  The two-day event, held on October 25 and November 9, included four research poster winners chosen by judges who are practicing physicians at the hospital. The winners received cash prizes for their poster.  Four winners were selected by the residents and medical students at the hospital and gave podium presentations during the event on November 9th. The poster competition featured 7 biomedical/clinical posters, 20 case report posters and 1 medical education poster.

The overall winners are:

  • First Place : Jessica Tullington, D.O., PGY-1, General Surgery, Nathan Cain, DO., PGY-5, General Surgery, Rick Gemma, DO., "Drop the Knife: A Conservative Approach to Localized Retropneumoperitoneum"
  • Second Place: Kristin Cola, DO., PGY-5, Orthopedic Surgery, Caleb Pinegar, DO., Gregory Hill, DO., "The Windmill Softball Pitch: Not as Protective as We Once Thought?"
  • Third place – Kasey Schaef, DO., PGY-3, Internal Medicine, "A Case of Eosinophilia"
  • The People’s Choice- Kyle Marcotte, DO., PGY-3, Internal Medicine, Kimberly Miller, DO., "Classic Presentation of Subacute on Chronic Back Pain and Its Complications"