Community Art Gallery and Infusion displays

Current featured artists

Although art may not be able to cure diseases or heal injuries, it is able to elevate moods, improve attitudes and help patients have a better, more comfortable environment to undergo treatment in. At Western Reserve Hospital, we've partnered with local artists and supporting organizations to creating rotating art displays in our infusion rooms for those going through chemotherapy. Every 8-10 weeks, these displays rotate with new artists and art. We also offer a public gallery outside of New Choice Pharmacy. Below are some of our current featured artists and their works.


Isin Sezer - After graduating with a degree in Italian Studies at the University of Ankara in Turkey, Isin Sezer studied painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Kortrijk (Belgium) from 2001 to 2008, where she took lessons from Herve Martijn, won the Rotary art prize in 2007 and, upon graduation, obtained a silver medal from the city of Kortrijk. She focuses on creating mostly abstracted acrylic paintings of microscopic images and close-ups from nature. Around the theme of the tiny elements in the nature, each of her paintings complete each other.

Isin can be reached at, and her work can be viewed on Instagram @isin_sezer.



Micah Kraus - Micah Kraus is an artist and teacher from Akron, Ohio. He is the fine arts department chair and teaches printmaking, photography, digital media and foundational art classes at Archbishop Hoban High School. Micah travels often with his wife, friends and students, and he’s inspired by the people, places and things he experiences along the way. The images on display are based on a motorcycle adventure from Akron to Quemado, New Mexico, that he and his wife Kim took in 2013. He has shown his work in group and solo exhibitions at Zygote Press, Summit Art Space, Tri-C Western Campus, Kent State Stark Campus, Spaces Gallery, Millworks Gallery, Dead Horse Gallery, Square Records and the McDonough Museum.


Marvin Droz - A self-taught casual photographer for decades, Marvin Droz began photographing seriously as a diversion from his career in law and finance. Initially learning the technical elements of capturing light on film and digitally, Marvin developed his own process for capturing the literal reflection of the view that appealed to him, and the resonance of its tones, colors, shapes and textures. Finding a view that appeals – seeing the view and pointing the camera – is his concept of the art of photography. Marvin’s areas of interest are landscapes that reveal unusual light and shadows illuminating or shielding elements of a scene, textures and patterns in man’s hand in hardscapes, and fleeting emotions in people.

Marvin Droz 1


Todd Dieringer - Todd Dieringer has had a camera in hand for as long as he can recall. His primary subject matter is nature and cityscapes. He enjoys capturing small details, playing with shadow and light to create visual texture as well as broad landscapes. Todd believes that artwork can be a transformative experience for both the artist and the observer. Other artistic endeavors include costume jewelry design and scenic design for the stage. Todd’s theatrical design work has been seen by audiences throughout Northeast Ohio.

More of Todd’s work can be seen at

 Todd Dierenger


Judith Khaner - Since her retirement from public school teaching, Judith Khaner has focused on her love of people and places through photography. She is an advanced Cuyahoga Community College photography student and an instructor of photography/ digital photo books at the college. Her photographs have been featured in magazines, and her work has been chosen for juried shows. Her photos capture the diversity and emotion in the world, especially through street photography. Recently, Vida Voices, an e-commerce company, approached her to design a collection of women’s scarves, tops and totes using her photos.