Community Art Gallery and Infusion displays

Current featured artists

Although art may not be able to cure diseases or heal injuries, it is able to elevate moods, improve attitudes and help patients have a better, more comfortable environment to undergo treatment in. At Western Reserve Hospital, we've partnered with local artists and supporting organizations to creating rotating art displays in our infusion rooms for those going through chemotherapy. Every 8-10 weeks, these displays rotate with new artists and art. We also offer a public gallery outside of New Choice Pharmacy. Below are some of our current featured artists and their works.


Trish Zimbalatti - creates photo sculptures using photographs printed on various archival photo paper. Photo sculptures are assembled into a 2-D, multimedia art photo sculpture. A photo is taken and one or more filters are applied in the development process. The photo is reproduced several times depending on the complexity in the photo. This is what dictates the number of layers and the layers within layers as the photo sculpture is developed. Each layer is hand-cut with precision and the edges are hand-colored to match objects in the photo. Each cut piece is manipulated by hand and/or tools and texturized for more refined detail. More detail is required as each layer is added. Every one-of-a-kind photo sculpture is uniquely created giving each piece a 3-D quality. Trish's vision is to create photo sculptures that are eye-catching and curious to the point of tricking the eye into seeing an image that is tangible and interactive. Piquing one’s curiosity gives each piece a distinctive quality.

Trish Zimbalatti


Diane Seskes - photography captures the beauty of the Cuyahoga Valley, as well as her love for Midcoast Maine. She is often drawn to the mood of a scene, rather than a realistic representation of the physical environment. These quieter more abstract images reflect her belief in the healing power of nature. Diane is a retired teacher and now operates two galleries in Peninsula – River Light Gallery and The Log Cabin Gallery. The Log Cabin Gallery holds pop-up exhibits and features Diane’s photography. Diane has images in the permanent collections at TriPoint Medical Center in Lake County and Wadsworth-Rittman Hospital. Her images have also appeared in a variety of publications including National Geographic Traveler, Birds & Blooms, and Ohio Magazine.  

 Diane Seseks


Betty Derrer - subject choice is based on her initial response to the feeling she experiences. Her goal is not to record a detailed copy, but rather to express that feeling in her artwork. Betty feels that watercolor is the ideal medium for this type of phenomenon. This type of experience allows the mysterious and unpredictable nature to flow across the paper, allowing the experience to be maneuvered but remaining free.

Betty Derrer


Seth Madden - earned his master’s degree in fine arts at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Akron. Seth was awarded an artist residency in Venice, Italy at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, where he focused on painting and printmaking. His paintings come from reactions to his everyday environment. With an interest in architecture and interior spaces, he creates environments that play with reality. In Seth’s paintings, mundane still life objects become similar to buildings and structures, and windows become passageways or escape routes. Paintings become windows and windows become paintings. Seth’s paintings aim to pose the simple question of, "What exactly am I looking at?"

Seth Madden


Lindsay Janice - With Wanderer Lindsay Photography, life is about the journey, not the destination. Lindsay aims to inspire others by bringing awareness to the methods of mindfulness through her printed images. Lindsay believes that we have a tendency to get too worked up about the little things that we believe matter when, in reality, we need to take care of ourselves most of all – by giving ourselves the patience, space, and love that we deserve. It is Lindsay's mission, as a wanderer of life, to encourage others to acknowledge even the little moments that happen around us every day.  Lindsay's inspiration comes from life experiences and observations that have reminded her to continue to enjoy the little things in life when the world gets crazy and to be certain that, no matter what, we are all living in the present.

Lindsay Janice