Community Art Gallery and Infusion displays

Current featured artists

Although art may not be able to cure diseases or heal injuries, it is able to elevate moods, improve attitudes and help patients have a better, more comfortable environment to undergo treatment in. At Western Reserve Hospital, we've partnered with local artists and supporting organizations to creating rotating art displays in our infusion rooms for those going through chemotherapy. Every 8-10 weeks, these displays rotate with new artists and art. We also offer a public gallery outside of New Choice Pharmacy. Below are some of our current featured artists and their works.


Gina Howe - Gina Howe aims to inspire others to take time to find beauty in everyday things, what she calls "30 second vacations." Nature serves as the inspirational palette for her photography and she is continually awed by color and light. She does not electronically edit or alter her landscape photographs. Instead, her goal is to capture the moment as she sees it. Gina’s photography has been featured at Barberton Gallery of Fine Arts and displayed at the Celebration of Beautiful Women event.

Wr5 Gina Howe 

Susan Check - Susan Check was born and raised in Northeast Ohio and continually draws on the local scenery as inspiration for her landscape oil painting. Her passion for gardening and nature are expressed in her paintings and drawings. Susan’s latest series of landscape oil paintings feature the beauty of the Cuyahoga River.

 Wr5 Susan Check

Julie Cook - Julie Cook is a self -taught artist with works of art in the areas of acrylics and mixed media. Julie was raised in Lyndhurst, Ohio and currently lives in Madison, Ohio, where she finds her inspiration from the nature of the countryside. Julie loves to experiment with different paint and products and finds her passion in experimenting with new textures and techniques. In addition to a brush, Julie also uses sponges, scraps of wood, plastic, trowels, recycled packaging material and a variety of other items in her artwork. Julie’s artwork is displayed in private residences in the surrounding area, as well as overseas. She has been juried into several shows throughout Northeast Ohio and several solo shows hosted at Fairmount Art Center, Solon Center for the Arts, Holden Arboretum and Moonstruck Gallery.

More of Julie’s work can be seen at

 Wr5 Julie Cook

Jennifer Court - Jennifer Anne Court was born in Bronx, New York and later moved to Ohio at a young age. During her childhood in New York, Jennifer’s love for photography began at the age of 9. Jennifer attended the University of Akron and received her bachelor’s degree in geology. In addition to her photography, she is the founder of Cleo Gold Botanicals, a botanical skin care line using only organic and wild grown ingredients. She currently serves as a public service assistant at the Akron- Summit County Public Library.

More of Jennifer’s work can be seen at

Wr5 Jennifer Court 

Seth Madden - Seth Madden studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, where he received his master’s degree in fine arts. He completed his undergraduate education at The University of Akron, where he received his bachelor’s degree in communication. Seth finds that his passion and inspiration for his work is derived from the history of art. He believes art work is a process and one that continually changes over time. He invites others to share his passion and appreciation for the history of art.

Wr5 Seth Madden