Community Art Gallery and Infusion displays

Current featured artists

Although art may not be able to cure diseases or heal injuries, it is able to elevate moods, improve attitudes and help patients have a better, more comfortable environment to undergo treatment in. At Western Reserve Hospital, we've partnered with local artists and supporting organizations to creating rotating art displays in our infusion rooms for those going through chemotherapy. Every 8-10 weeks, these displays rotate with new artists and art. We also offer a public gallery outside of New Choice Pharmacy. Below are some of our current featured artists and their works.


Emily Speelman - Emily Speelman has spent many years studying the subtle nuances of nature and all it has to tell us. People often pass by without appreciating the light through the trees, the mist as it rises in the morning or the quiet moments that make the day; Emily strives to capture those moments and to bring vision back to the natural world that is all-too-quickly being removed around us.

More of Emily’s work can be viewed at Speelman

 Shannon Hockensmith - Shannon Hockensmith received her bachelor’s degree in Photography from School of Visual Arts in 2009. Working with bold, bright color is a newer endeavor, but the form has always been her "there." It is where her deepest visual interests lie. Her obsession with flowers quickly mixed with her love of form; and so this series of color and form was born. She wishes for these images to make the viewer smile, appreciate the small things and be comforted by the simplicity (and intricacies) of beauty.

More of Shannon’s work can be viewed at


 Katina Pastis Radwanski - Katina Pastis Radwanski is a contemporary painter and sculptor. Formerly a realistic painter, Radwanski’s images now come from within…from the subconscious imagery that unfolds through meditative sketching. An Akron native, Katina spent most of her adult life in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from Kent State University, received a master’s degree at the University of Georgia and is a former high school art teacher. She displays and sells her work in solo and group shows, local and national juried competitions and her studio and gallery in Akron. She also creates pieces on commission.

More of Katina’s work can be viewed at


Kathy Cameron - Kathy Cameron is a native of Ohio, a Kent State University graduate and a self-taught photographer. She has lived in Ohio; Cape Breton, Nova Scotia; and Ottawa, Ontario. She has exhibited her photos in Halifax, Sydney and Whitney Pier in Nova Scotia and in Hudson, Ohio. She also has exhibited at the Akron-Canton Airport and Kent Free Library. Kathy and her photography have appeared on CBC television, and she has been interviewed on CBC radio. Kathy can be reached at

Linda Lyell - Linda Lyell retired from the Akron Beacon Journal in 2008, where she ran for 15 years. Since retiring, Linda has gone back to exploring her deep-seated artist self, taking classes in various mediums including metal-smithing and jewelry-making. She continually surrounds herself in color in everyday life, which is reflected in her work. Linda’s work has appeared in several area galleries, and she is one of the 2016 recipients of the Akron Art Prize. Additionally, she serves as President of the Board of Trustees for the Akron Civic Theatre.

More of Linda’s work can be viewed at