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Introducing Healing HeART, an art exhibit at Western Reserve Hospital featuring artwork curated from local artists who are currently battling or survived cancer. The goal of this project is to share art among the cancer-affected community as a resource, inspiration and celebration of survivorship.

The art is exhibited in the infusion rooms and New Choice Pharmacy to enhance the treatment environment for current patients and expose them to the healing nature of art. The artist’s story is documented as part of the exhibit to inspire those currently receiving treatment at Western Reserve Hospital.

If you are a survivor or currently battling an illness and are interested in participating in the curated Healing HeART showcase, we will be accepting artists for future installations. For more information, please contact

 Healing HeART


Denny Stoiber
Denny Stoiber

I have been making watercolor art in 1952 or so, when my first paint-by-number pieces were displayed on the family refrigerator. More recently I began studying transparent watercolor in 2013 at the Cuyahoga Valley Art Center (CVAC) under the tutelage of Jack Mulhollen, Sally Heston, Sterling Edwards and Chris Leeper. During the past six years I have entered pieces in a dozen exhibits at the CVAC, Hudson Society of Artists (HSA) shows, as well as the centennial art show at the Village of Silver Lake and a pop-up art exhibition produced by Collide: Cuyahoga Falls. Three of those pieces have won awards at exhibitions.

I am a current member at CVAC, HSA and the Whiskey Painters of America (WPA). I served on the board of trustees of CVAC from 2014 to 2017, where I functioned as the board secretary and community liaison. In that capacity I worked closely with the City of Cuyahoga Falls, ArtsNow and Collide: Cuyahoga Falls to facilitate the center’s outreach to its community. I am a current board member of WPA.

I am a father of two and grandfather to four little ones. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer four days before Christmas of 2017 and began radiation and hormone therapy treatments in February of 2018. My treatment regimen coincided with six weeks of painting in preparation for two exhibitions that were to run concurrently in May. During that period I completed twenty-three whiskey paintings and four quarter-sheet paintings for those exhibitions. The creative surge was a welcome counterpoint to the daily treatment routine and it also stimulated creative interchanges with radiation technical staff who shared a love of the arts. As a thank you for their many kindnesses to me, I created a whiskey painting especially for the technicians and presented it to them on the day of my final treatment. That painting now hangs on the wall in the radiation department.

Kathryn Holzheimer

In October of 2017, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The surgery was quick. And afterwards, while healing, I had many hours of reviewing what life had given me up to this point and what would be the meaning of my life from this point forward. This was quite a good time for reflection, cleansing and looking at life with new perspective.

Then came the aftercare of keeping the cancer at bay. Questions concerning chemo, radiation and medication for the next five years brought up many concerns, worries and problems with side effects from different medicines that had to be changed and tide in with terrible after effects.

The good news was that I could express my concerns, thoughts of life's fragile equilibrium and wonder of what would change into my art. I am an acrylic impressionist painter which allows me to speak with silence of words but strong in visual meaning. Because my work is representational, it might be hard for the viewer to understand my intentions but allows them to wonder what the art piece means to them. In each piece shown at the hospital, there is a connection to the disease. Most in a positive note, of being able to share with others with common grounds, thankfulness to the love ones around me at this period of time, and reflection of the inner soul.

I always try to see the positive reason on why we are given different cross roads in our life and how can we learn by these experiences. I hope through my art, you can see this message.