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Introducing Healing HeART, an art exhibit at Western Reserve Hospital featuring artwork curated from local artists who are currently battling or survived cancer. The goal of this project is to share art among the cancer-affected community as a resource, inspiration and celebration of survivorship.

The art is exhibited in the infusion rooms and New Choice Pharmacy to enhance the treatment environment for current patients and expose them to the healing nature of art. The artist’s story is documented as part of the exhibit to inspire those currently receiving treatment at Western Reserve Hospital.

If you are a survivor or currently battling an illness and are interested in participating in the curated Healing HeART showcase, we will be accepting artists for future installations. For more information, please contact

 Healing HeART


Julie Cook

In July of 2016 I felt a small lump in my breast. It was not my habit to do self-exams, but I believe God prompted me to do so that morning.  I am thankful that I didn’t just brush it off or delay getting it checked out before a vacation that was already planned. The lump was hard to detect and didn’t look typical for cancer, but it turned out it was. I found out the results of my biopsy while away and appointments were set up for my return.  

The many tests, examinations, appointments and questions were overwhelming at times. The diagnosis of “cancer” was difficult to absorb and at times still has me shaking my head. I read books, articles and cleaned up what I thought was already a healthy diet. I became determined not to let the diagnosis take over my life, my passions and my day to day activities.

Many days were taken one day at a time and I looked for things to be thankful for so that I could concentrate on the positive and not how I might be feeling.  During my treatments I chose to experiment on different type of paintings and new techniques that didn’t require as much of my mental focus or physical energy.  

My cancer treatments ended in September of 2017 and I was happy to have my port removed a month later. I am doing good- and I’m doing “life” with even more passion now.

I appreciate the opportunity to have my art on display and hope that you are inspired by the beauty on the walls and will press on and continue to do your “life” one day at a time.


Julie Cook is a self-taught artist who mainly works in acrylics and mixed media. Julie has lived in Madison Township for over 30 years. She enjoys experimenting with paint and products to see what new textures and techniques she can create. Julie uses traditional tools as well as unique items like scraps of wood, plastic and recycled packaging material. Julie is deeply inspired by God's creation and is thankful for the ability He has given her.

Julie's artwork has been juried into several shows throughout Northeast Ohio and she has had several solo shows including those at Penitentiary Glen, Fairmount Art Center, Solon Center for the Arts and Holden Arboretum.  She is an artist at Stella’s Art Gallery in the Matchworks Building in Mentor. Currently 4 of her paintings are in the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in the gallery hallway between Concourse A and B.  A portion of the sale of each painting is sent to an organization that helps at-risk children on the Thailand/Burma border where her daughter works. Julie’s paintings are making a difference in the lives of those children, as well as bringing peace, joy and contentment to many others.


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David Bryan Lile

It all began in December of 2010, when my wife Kathy, insightfully shared, “you look anemic in this photograph!” A casual general checkup and standard blood test trip to the doctor, 4 days later, did not reveal anything unusual.

However, that same evening, at 10:00 pm, the day before Christmas Eve, I received a phone call at my home, from the doctor’s office, telling me that they had a team of doctor’s waiting for me and I had to get there as soon as possible. There was an anomaly in one of my standard blood tests.

The next morning on Christmas Eve, I was told that that my white blood cell count was 195,000 and I had chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) with the Philadelphia Chromosome.

Eight years later, due to Sprycel, one of the most advanced pharmaceuticals ever created, I am gratefully and thankfully, in full remission and my blood is perfect. Life has ways that test and strengthen one’s mind, body, soul and spirit. I have been profoundly influenced by Leukemia, realizing that each and every day is a brand new day to live to the fullest. A new day to be thankful to God, a new day to touch lives around me and a new day to continue creating my unique, artistic photographic images.

Before my diagnosis, I created artistic images, but after my new found knowledge of fully living each and every day, my art took an even more dramatic and vibrant turn. I am now not afraid, in any way, to capture and craft architectural, elemental and environmental elements together, in ways that are not normally perceived. I embrace color, beauty, and dynamic composition.

Being brought to each story, I seek to reveal the personality and soul of every space, through the enhanced application of unique, vibrant, resonating colors, textures and layers. My artwork transforms often overlooked objects and elements into powerful expressions of art that inspire visions of life among the otherwise inanimate. My desire is to have each viewer connect with a unique perspective and dynamic much larger than themselves.


David Lile specializes in artistic environmental, elemental and architectural photography.

David has done commissioned photography for Upward Brand Interactions of Ohio, Price Waterhouse, Cooper Headquarters, in Cleveland, Ohio, the IGS Energy Headquarters in Dublin, Ohio, Summa Health Systems in Akron, Ohio and The Just Company in Indianapolis, Indiana among others.

Included in his list of solo exhibits, David’s work has been shown at Port Columbus International Airport Terminal, the Moos Gallery on the Western Reserve Academy Campus, in Hudson, Ohio and Summit Artspace in Akron, Ohio, Ohio State University Press Publications and other venues and publications. View more of David’s work at


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