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Introducing Healing HeART, an art exhibit at Western Reserve Hospital featuring artwork curated from local artists who are currently battling or survived cancer. The goal of this project is to share art among the cancer-affected community as a resource, inspiration and celebration of survivorship.

The art is exhibited in the infusion rooms and New Choice Pharmacy to enhance the treatment environment for current patients and expose them to the healing nature of art. The artist’s story is documented as part of the exhibit to inspire those currently receiving treatment at Western Reserve Hospital.

If you are a survivor or currently battling an illness and are interested in participating in the curated Healing HeART showcase, we will be accepting artists for future installations. For more information, please contact

 Healing HeART

Marcella Chapman

Marcella Chapman 

I am a self-taught artist, hoping to inspire in others an appreciation of the intimate connection between the inspiring beauty we see around us and our emotional responses. Painting also provides an opportunity for me to explore my journey through illness and healing. Multiple surgeries, an autoimmune disorder, and other health issues have necessitated long hours, days and weeks in hospitals. Art inspires me to look beyond chronic pain and disability, to seek beauty and meaning.

I work with alcohol inks, watercolor pencils, colored pencils, and graphite pencils. I chose alcohol inks because I love vivid colors. I’m often surprised by my emotional responses to powerful colors, and how those responses provoke deeper reflection on what I see. I also love how unpredictable alcohol inks can be, and how they interact in unexpected ways. I started working in colored pencil as practice for alcohol ink painting, and fell in love with drawing as an end in itself. The watercolor pencils seemed to be the perfect bridge between colored pencil drawing and painting.

My love for animals is at the center of much of my work. Through visual art, I express their voices, their love for us, their depth and their relationship with us. I also find that visual images of animals serve as wonderful metaphors for common human struggles and emotions. For example, painting a horse galloping into a sunrise evokes hope for a new beginning, strength coming out of darkness into light.

Through my art, I invite the viewer to pause and savor the loveliness of color and form, whether in a landscape, a flora or a pet portrait. I hope to evoke an emotional response and provide an opportunity for the viewer to reflect on how what we see so profoundly affects how we feel. I hope that my art provides a window to what lies beyond the often difficult and painful struggles needed in the process of healing. Color, form and the loveliness of simple things like the animals in our lives can lift us into hope and wholeness.