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Healing HeART

Healing HeART is a rotating art exhibit at Western Reserve Hospital featuring artwork curated from local artists who are currently battling or survived cancer. The goal of this project is to share art among the cancer-affected community as a resource, inspiration and celebration of survivorship.

The art is exhibited in the infusion rooms and New Choice Pharmacy to enhance the treatment environment for current patients and expose them to the healing nature of art. The artist’s story is documented as part of the exhibit to inspire those currently receiving treatment at Western Reserve Hospital.

If you are a survivor or currently battling an illness and are interested in participating in the curated Healing HeART showcase, we will be accepting artists for future installations. For more information, please contact


Carolyn Thompson

Carolyn Thompson 

Healing Heart Exhibit Portraits and Places by Carolyn Thompson is two ongoing bodies of work and includes portraits of local and regional friends and acquaintances, as well as local places with strong emotional resonance, especially to those in recovery.

Her interest in people has driven this ongoing portrait project. “I hope this body of  artwork captures the strength of spirit of each sitter in an honest manner,” says Thompson. Perhaps it captures some psychological tension that reminds viewers of someone they know or remember from their lives.




Western Reserve Hospital's Community Art Showcase was created as part of an ongoing partnership with COLLIDE: Cuyahoga Falls and consists of artwork provided by members of our community. This art display rotates on a monthly basis and all artwork is available for purchase.

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