Jeffrey Stroup

Jeffrey Stroup has been documenting the crumbling relics of our recent past for over fifteen years. He has spent countless hours exploring and photographing these endangered structures with the hope of capturing their last remaining beauty before they fall victim to the wrecking ball.
Jeffrey grew up in Cuyahoga Falls and after finding a camera on the side of the road as a teenager, he began photographing the world around him. It wasn’t long before he started making trips to Cleveland, and eventually all across the country, to seek out abandoned buildings and other forgotten places.

It is witnessing history firsthand, the adventure of being somewhere you shouldn’t be, and the thrill of seeing something so few have seen that drives him to continue capturing these abandoned places. This drive to explore has led to the publishing of his first book Abandoned Cleveland and the soon to be
released Abandoned Northern Ohio, due to be released March 30, 2020. To Jeffrey, photographing these places is his way of giving a dying building its last rites.
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To purchase or to pre-order Jeffrey’s books:
Abandoned Cleveland

Abandoned Northern Ohio