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Leila Griffiths

Comm Art Aug 19

Born in Scotland and raised in South Africa, Leila Griffiths has a culturally rich and diverse background. She traveled the African countryside extensively with her family as a youth, where she experienced many cultural influences that resulted in a love of design and color.

She is a self-taught artist, as she had a natural affinity for math and numbers, so was encouraged to pursue those avenues at school, there is a lot of geometry and symmetry evident in her art as a result.

As a young adult, Leila moved to London, where she lived for 13 years before settling in the USA. While in London she again was inspired by the street art she witnessed there and in other European countries she visited, all of which has strengthened her love of color, design and strong lines.

Now settled in Stow, Ohio with her husband & young children, she continues to be inspired by outside influences, more so recently by the naturally occurring geometry in nature which she often witnesses in her newest role as a scoutmaster. Leila enjoys being involved in her community and can usually be found at the local farmers’ market, hosting the free craft corner for kids as a result. She also offers local craft workshops for all ages and abilities. She continues to be inspired every day and is always learning and experimenting with new techniques and mediums.

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